Category: Farm News

Preparing to Build the Farmhouse

Over the past year, we have been laying the groundwork – so to speak – to start building the farmhouse. Now, we are actually starting construction!

Bright Eyes

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Andy, patriarch of our first clan of rabbits, has died. He had just turned 3 years old.

Hops Rhizomes for Sale

‘Tis the season for digging hops rhizomes!

Hops Farm in the Works

Through some negotiation and a fortuitous set of circumstances, I have committed to taking over a small hops farm. It’s not something I ever thought I’d do, but it’s an exciting step forward for the Farm!

End of the Market Season

Some thoughts on the end of an absolutely amazing Market season.

Baby bunnies!

Tex is officially a mama! She pulled lots of fur last night and during the day today, but I didn’t see any little naked babies until dinnertime. Mama’s stashing hay in the nest box, as well. There are at least six, and they all… Continue Reading “Baby bunnies!”

Market Day: Memorial Day 2018

The weather service is calling for a beautiful start to the Memorial Day weekend.  Come check out our Farmers Market booth at the Old Town Pavilion!  We’re located in front of Hair of the Dog on Fremont Street.