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It’s Getting Cold

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not ready for it to be getting wintry.

Catching Up

When you get caught up in the momentum of something, other tasks can be forgotten or “justifiably” postponed.


Sometimes, you get swept up in the momentum of getting something done.

Market Day

It was a chilly, windy day at the Market today, though not as cold as last week.  But that might just be because the wind was out of the southeast today and I was able to put both sides up on the canopy.  The… Continue Reading “Market Day”

Harvest Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if it all walked in the door that way – rinsed, bundled/packaged, and ready to put on the Market table?

Crash, Bang, Boom

Nothing like a little thunderstorm to make you happy to be inside.

Small Things

Today was a day for accomplishing small things. But small doesn’t mean insignificant.

Beating the Rain

Today, I made up for hiding from my allergies all weekend.  I also wanted to beat the rain that we’re supposed to get overnight tonight.  And as if those weren’t reasons enough, I slept on my right arm funny last night and kinked that… Continue Reading “Beating the Rain”

I’m Itchin’ Like a Man in a Fuzzy Tree

But I’m not all shook up.

Flash Flood Watch

Today has been a quiet day on the Farm.  The thunderstorms rolled in around 10pm last night and woke me up periodically all night.  When I got up this morning, civil twilight should have started, but it was still dark as night outside.