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Sometimes, you get swept up in the momentum of getting something done.

Market Day

It was a chilly, windy day at the Market today, though not as cold as last week.  But that might just be because the wind was out of the southeast today and I was able to put both sides up on the canopy.  The… Continue Reading “Market Day”

Harvest Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if it all walked in the door that way – rinsed, bundled/packaged, and ready to put on the Market table?

Crash, Bang, Boom

Nothing like a little thunderstorm to make you happy to be inside.

Small Things

Today was a day for accomplishing small things. But small doesn’t mean insignificant.

Beating the Rain

Today, I made up for hiding from my allergies all weekend.  I also wanted to beat the rain that we’re supposed to get overnight tonight.  And as if those weren’t reasons enough, I slept on my right arm funny last night and kinked that… Continue Reading “Beating the Rain”

I’m Itchin’ Like a Man in a Fuzzy Tree

But I’m not all shook up.

Flash Flood Watch

Today has been a quiet day on the Farm.  The thunderstorms rolled in around 10pm last night and woke me up periodically all night.  When I got up this morning, civil twilight should have started, but it was still dark as night outside.