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I’m Itchin’ Like a Man in a Fuzzy Tree

But I’m not all shook up.

It’s just the side effect of 2 hours harvesting 1 pound of kohlrabi, 1 pound of zucchini, 2 pounds of patisson (patty-pan) squash, 2 pounds of “pickling cucumbers,”* 2.5 pounds of lemon cucumbers, 2.75 pounds of potatoes, and 6 pounds of beans (5 pounds of green beans, 0.5 pounds of wax beans, and 0.5 pounds of pole beans).

* It appears that the lemon cucumbers are cross-pollinating the pickling cucumbers (but not the other way around). My pickling cucumbers are no longer green, but are yellow (like the lemons) and smoother-skinned than they were earlier this year; they more closely resemble the lemon cucumbers, except for their elongated shape.

2016-09-08_1 2016-09-08_2 2016-09-08_3

From top to bottom/clockwise: Lemon cucumbers, white Vienna kohlrabi, vert et blanc patisson squash, black beauty zucchini; sultan’s green crescent beans, gold of Bacau wax beans, purple-podded pole beans; Yukon gold potatoes.

These will all be at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday.

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” so the saying goes.  The beanstalks are so thick that I need another hand (or a prehensile tail) to work with them.  Lacking that, I improvised with a bamboo pole and a bar clamp to lift the vines up so I could pick the undersides.


I took the car out to pick up buckets for this weekend’s raspberry patch workshops and find containers for the homemade cleaning products I’m working on to sell at the Farmers’ Market.  The solder job lasted until the first time I put the car in park (which has been when the wire has broken before, so there’s something about the vibration when I shift into park that’s a problem); so I got my own soldering iron and wire while I was out; I’ll see about fixing that sometime next week.

Tomorrow will be a lot of raspberry pruning in preparation for the workshops and hopefully getting a bunch of the cleansers assembled and labeled.

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