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New Skills

Another rainy, dreary day today.

Featured Image: Squeak was displeased with not being allowed outside this afternoon after the rain let up.

Normally, Thursday is trash day, but Monday was a holiday, so this week, it’s Friday.  But I needed to change the litter boxes today, so that, a bunch of shingle pieces left over from the roofing job, and some crud from the yard/garden cleanup got put in the garbage can; all stuff that was indoors or in the garage.

I also got out between drizzles and refilled the bird feeders and got one section of the raspberry bed paneled.


The west end of the north (house-facing) side of the raspberry patch. That cedar sure looks nicer than the cement block!

This evening, after the rain let up, my neighbor T brought her daughter’s soldering kit over.  T used to fix circuit boards before she had kids, and her daughter does stained glass.  She showed me how to use the soldering iron and we did our best to solder the broken wire back onto the post.  We both managed to make quite a mess in the process, as well, since the solder wouldn’t stick to either the post or the wire and kept rolling off.  After she tried for a bit while I held the wire and the flashlight, we switched places.  I finally managed to get a glob of solder to stick and hold the wire to the post.  I’ll take it out for a test drive tomorrow before I put the console covers back on (which is a half-an-hour job in and of itself!).


It’s ugly, especially compared to the job the “professionals” did last year…but hopefully it’s gobbed on there well enough now that it won’t ever break again! Perks of doing it yourself: you don’t necessarily care how ugly it looks, so long as it works.

And now I know how to use a soldering iron and do rudimentary soldering!

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