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Flash Flood Watch

Today has been a quiet day on the Farm.  The thunderstorms rolled in around 10pm last night and woke me up periodically all night.  When I got up this morning, civil twilight should have started, but it was still dark as night outside.


I snuck outside for a few minutes during a lull in the rain.  Everything always looks so perky after a good soaking (as opposed to the dreariness of the storm itself).

Because of the volume of rain, we’re under a flash flood watch until Thursday morning.  At least I won’t have to fill the pond this week.


Later in the afternoon, it cleared up for a couple of hours and I made a run to the Blaine Farmers’ Market.  They were closed, presumably because of the weather.  On the way home, the wiring harness on my car’s gear shift broke (again).  I guess it’s time to learn how to solder; I’m not paying the shop another $65 for a fix that didn’t even last a full year.

(Note: it’s just the manual shifter that broke, so my car’s stuck in automatic mode until I fix it.  I get 2-3 miles more per gallon when using the manual because I don’t let it rev up to 5,000rpm before I shift.  I hate automatics…)

Instead of working outside today or for the next couple of days, I’ll be catching up on some indoor tasks that I’ve let slip.  I’m hoping to transplant my seedlings to the hydroponics pots this week, too.  (More on that later.)

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