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It’s Getting Cold

My phone’s FEMA app has been chirping at me all day about tonight’s freeze warning.  It’s gotten down to mid-30s a couple of nights this last week, but not really that close to freezing (although my basil might beg to differ).

Featured Image: I was finally motivated to get the row covers on the rest of the crops I’m trying to preserve for a few more weeks.

I also moved the herbs into the garage – the back bedroom isn’t ready to take on all those additional plants yet.  And speaking of that room…

I need to get over to Brew’n’Grow and get more hydroponics nutrients.  I barely had enough to transition from rooting to growing, a switch I made about 10 days ago, and the nutrients should be refreshed weekly.  You’d think the nutrient starter kit they sell with the 55-gallon system would have enough nutrients for the full 55 gallons; I’m operating with about 40 gallons in the reservoir right now.

Some of the plants I put in the system are doing alright, others keeled over.  Here’s the original photo I took when I transplanted from the seed tray to the pots:


The mustard surprised me by failing, but the arugula’s doing alright.  The dill also failed, although the celery’s hanging on.  The Pablo lettuce failed, but the rest of the lettuces are continuing to grow, as are both chards.  But the eggplant is what’s doing best.


Sorry for the blurriness; the eggplant pot is closest to the fan.

I have not yet started the cucumber or tomato.  The plants are about done with being outside, and I’m going to try transplanting the tomatoes indoors in 5-gallon buckets rather than ripening the rest of the green tomatoes by killing the plants.  If that’s successful, I may plant another cucumber in the hydroponics system instead of a tomato.

About six weeks ago, I discovered the Savory Institute/Savory Network (visit their site!) and reached out to them because their organization seems like it would be a good networking fit with the Farm.  Naturally, their questions revolve around what I’m doing/planning to do.  In response, I’m working on explaining the Farm from the ground up, so to speak.  Once that’s complete, I plan to load that onto the site here so everyone can read it.

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