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Crash, Bang, Boom

At least the meteorologists get the start day of the storms right.

Featured Image: Bonus: I won’t have to fill the pond from City water again this week!

Flash flood warnings were issued at about 6:45pm, and re-issued just now (8:20pm), lasting until 11:30pm.


While flash flooding rarely affects me directly, thanks to a good storm drain system, being on top of the hill, and not being foolish enough to go out in weather like this, the runoff in the back yard demonstrates on a small scale what’s occurring out on the streets!

But even in a downpour, beauty remains.


My own personal waterfall (from one of the valleys in my roof).

Squeak has spent the day in hiding.  She doesn’t like being cuddled during thunderstorms, but she does like to be near me, preferably under one or more blankets to dampen the sound.  Since our camping trip last summer, thunder hasn’t upset her nearly as much as the sound of pouring rain.


I think I’ll follow suit soon and go to bed.

Hopefully there won’t be any big crashes of thunder like we heard earlier that rattled the house.  The steady rumble we’ve got going on right now makes a nice white-noise type sound and helps me sleep, but the big booms wake me up.

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