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It seems I was exposed to something during the Market on Saturday – probably not a cold, just an allergen, but I’ve been down and out the last couple of days taking antihistamines and cold medicine (Dayquil has an antihistamine and doesn’t make me sleepy, unlike Benadryl).  In addition, I was naughty last week and had caffeine (which I hadn’t had for almost 2 months) and as a result, didn’t get a lot of sleep, which probably compromised my immune system.

It’s promising rain and flash-flooding for the rest of the week, so I made sure to get outside and get the “rest” of the pretty garden framing done.  In this case, “the rest” being the remainder of the blocks and boards I ordered a couple of weeks ago – I’ll need to get more materials to properly finish the rest.


I didn’t realize until I was putting the boards down how NOT straight a line the blueberries are in.  Oops. Of course, I always think of string-lining these things to make sure they’re straight sometime AFTER I put them in.  (This is definitely not the only thing I’ve put in that’s not straight!)

I’m also taking advantage of a bit of an optical illusion: the bed needed to be 28 feet long and 4 feet wide to accommodate the final expected size of the blueberries, so I used four 16-foot boards and cut two of them to 12-foot lengths (giving me two 4-foot lengths for the end).  Then I put the 16-foot boards on the end farther from the vantage point that the blueberries will be viewed from by anyone other than someone living in the house – perspective makes the longer boards appear shorter and gives the illusion that the bed is divided evenly.

I used the same optical illusion on the perennial beds (with the rhubarb, black raspberry, and asparagus), placing the longer boards farther from the street.  That also happens to be the same direction as these around the with the longer boards clockwise to the shorter boards from the house, giving them a little symmetry.

The blueberry leaves are changing color, although nothing else on my property is yet.  Some of the neighbors’ trees are starting to change, and it’s almost dark at 7:30pm now.  I’m not ready for it to be this time of year yet!

On the one hand, hopefully the rain will put a damper on whatever I’ve been reacting to so I can start feeling better.  On the other hand, it’s supposed to be thunderstorming during Saturday’s Market, which is not good for business in an outdoor Market!  But the last two storm systems blew through faster than the meteorologists predicted, so maybe that will happen again this time.

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