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Market Day

It was a chilly, windy day at the Market today, though not as cold as last week.  But that might just be because the wind was out of the southeast today and I was able to put both sides up on the canopy.  The corner of the canopy more-or-less lined up with the wind and having both canvas panels up shunted the wind around very nicely and gave me shelter.  The angle also prevented the wind from using the canvas sides as sails and pushing the canopy.


It misted on us for a while around 10am, but nothing too serious.  Again, lots of questions about whether we had/would have more vendors – our Market Manager ran out of olives and honey to sell and hasn’t been setting up her both, so it’s just me and S.  And lots of potential customers who walked away empty-handed because they wanted something specific and neither of us had it (apples and summer squash were two I heard questions about).

Although it was (seemingly) warmer than last week, my hands were still cold, but I’d expected that from last week, so I brought something to keep my hands busy (and warm).

I started this at about 9:20am and finished at 11:50am (with interruptions to talk to and assist customers, of course): six 6-foot lengths of yarn into a 2-1/2-foot long band.

Tomorrow, I’ll be figuring out what to do with the leftovers. I see carrot green pesto in my future, at least.

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