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End of the Market Season

Some thoughts on the end of an absolutely amazing Market season.


…is the mother of invention.
New, sturdier microgreens trays require a new transport and display system.

Market Day: Memorial Day 2018

The weather service is calling for a beautiful start to the Memorial Day weekend.  Come check out our Farmers Market booth at the Old Town Pavilion!  We’re located in front of Hair of the Dog on Fremont Street.

Market Day

It was a chilly, windy day at the Market today, though not as cold as last week.  But that might just be because the wind was out of the southeast today and I was able to put both sides up on the canopy.  The… Continue Reading “Market Day”

Harvest Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if it all walked in the door that way – rinsed, bundled/packaged, and ready to put on the Market table?

Abundance in Pictures

Today was a somewhat strange day in terms of things I got done (or didn’t get done) and interactions I had with other people.  Rather than dwelling on things best left alone, I’d rather look at pictures of outdoorsy things. Featured Image: The Eversweet… Continue Reading “Abundance in Pictures”


Some days, I don’t have much to say.  Some days, I don’t have the energy to say much.  Some days, it’s both. Featured Image: W4QF booth at the Fridley Farmers’ Market, September 10th, 2016.  Despite a forecast with a lower wind speed than last… Continue Reading “Quietude”

Allergies. Lots of Allergies.

I’ve always had typical allergies to plant secretions and pollen.  Nothing surprising there. But in high school, I developed an allergy to chlorine, the kind of chlorine they put in swimming pools and bleach.  This came about due to several years of frequent, repeated… Continue Reading “Allergies. Lots of Allergies.”