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Some days, I don’t have much to say.  Some days, I don’t have the energy to say much.  Some days, it’s both.

Featured Image: W4QF booth at the Fridley Farmers’ Market, September 10th, 2016.  Despite a forecast with a lower wind speed than last weekend, the wind was much stronger this weekend.  I’m glad I brought the herbs – they serve double-duty as extra weights for the canopy.

Today was a very quiet day, people-wise, at the Market.  Despite two sporting competitions going on in the parks next to and behind our location, very few people visited.

No one showed up for the raspberry workshops, despite the interest displayed in additional workshops during last weekend’s Market.

I forgot the beans at home, so now I have six pounds of beans in the fridge to do something with (being in the fridge is why I forgot them).  I’ll probably blanch and freeze the green beans and stir-fry the wax and pole beans.  The green beans will be nice to have over the winter.  I might make dilly-beans with some of the green beans, too.

Our Market’s last day is October 15th.  I suspect I’m still going to have plenty of produce then, so I’m considering a CSA-style bag/box for locals who still want fresh produce, and price each box based on what goes into them, as though the items were being sold at the Market.

After the Market today, I took a long nap.  I didn’t sleep very well last night because of my allergies, and the nap wasn’t a very quality nap for the same reason.  I suspect tonight’s sleep will not be very good, either.  I’m glad that I’m done with weeding and rummaging around in the vegetation for a while, hopefully the histamines in my system will retreat and I can breathe and function normally for a few days before I dive back in.

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