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The Week in Photos

Plot #1, May 18, 2020

Featured Image: I’m still working on getting Plot #1 prepared to plant. I’m about halfway there!

There is so much going on around the Farm, I’ve decided to take a handful of overall photos each week to show and describe what’s going on.

The septic system is relatively devoid of plant life at the moment. I finally got a light sprinkler system set up and some of the wildflower seeds I scattered on top of the drain field are starting to sprout!
Protected by deer fencing, my hedge is going in. All of the pear trees have been planted, as well as most of the shrubs and vines that are interplanted with the pears. The maples and their hedge companions just arrived this past week.
The greenhouses have been marked off, but not prepared nor built yet. The tomato greenhouse (outlined in red) should be finished today, though, if all goes well.
Dad brought the tractor down and started digging the pond! When finished, it will be roughly 25 feet wide, 135 feet long, and 6 feet deep.
The trailer seems to be uninteresting to this kildeer and robin who visited this morning.
We have several ring-necked pheasant roosters in the area, setting up their territories. This one paid us a visit yesterday.

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