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Microgreens for Your Critters

I have been getting questions about feeding microgreens to animals, especially pets.  People are starting to realize that the pelleted foods provided by pet stores for most of our pets are not necessarily complete or safe.

To that end, I have looked up the safety of the components of my microgreens for various farm animals and pets.  Most of the information came from specialized pet communities online, and is drawn from those owners’ personal experiences.  Where available, information came from the ASPCA.

Chart of edibility of microgreens for pets and livestock

Y – safe for consumption
~ – safe for limited consumption
~/N – questionably safe or only safe in very small amounts
N – NOT safe for consumption

If your pet type is not listed and you would like to know if my microgreens are safe for them, please contact me so I can look into it and answer your question!

(All of my microgreens seed is purchased from Johnny’s Selected Seeds.  I choose their certified organic seed when the option is available.)

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