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1 dozen pastured eggs.  Most eggs are brown; there are some white, cream, or green.  Most eggs are large, with some extra large, medium, or small.

Photo for illustration purposes only.  Actual product may vary.

Washed or unwashed?

I do not wash the eggs.  When hens lay their eggs, they excrete a substance, called bloom, that seals the porous eggshell and protects the contents from bacterial or viral contamination and prevents the egg from getting dried out.  Washing removes the bloom.  If an egg is particularly dirty, I will scrape the debris off, but I do not wash them.

If you feel the need to wash your eggs, use warm water.  Cold water will create a pressure difference and cause your wash water to be pulled through the porous eggshell into the egg.

ALWAYS wash your hands after handling eggs!

To refrigerate or not?

I have roosters in my flocks.  This means that the eggs are likely fertilized.  I refrigerate my eggs as soon as they’re collected to prevent embryo development.  Eggs are collected daily, so you never have to worry about being surprised when you crack open an egg.


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