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The 9 Ps – Part 2: Picking

A couple of weeks ago, I came across this article about “passion” and its connotations in the worlds of careers and hobbies. It got me thinking about the Farm and how it has changed from a “passionate dream” to a solid plan, on its way to reality. In this 9-part series, I’ll take the key paragraph from each of the seven P’s in the article and expound on it as it relates to the Farm.


Picking involves, first, putting a time buffer on our decisions, particularly decisions that appear “connected with your passion.” Second, running our choices by an objective third party: a friend or colleague who can call out our blind spots.


Even with purpose, picking can prove difficult, because there’s still passion there. I started planning the Farm about four years ago. In combination with easy access to a consignment shop, this has led to me acquiring some equipment that I will need on the Farm, even though I don’t have a use for it right now. It makes for a bit of clutter in the house, but I was able to obtain them for pennies on the dollar of new. In some cases, it has also given me time to teach myself how to use them.

In the beginning, I developed this plan in conjunction with a friend. That friend still serves as a sounding board for changes. A few other friends, especially those with areas of expertise that fall outside my own, have helped by giving me feedback and providing details for use in my business plan and The Farm Paper. An often-overlooked ally in this digital age, books have been invaluable to me as a way to verify information and solidify strategies: give me books published in the 70s and 80s over Google, any day.

Having these friends to bounce ideas off of, even if all they do is listen to my ramblings through mathematical calculations, is incredibly useful, if only by keeping me sane. Such considerations have been known to keep me awake at night, and getting them written down is the most effective method of letting me fall asleep.

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