Biodynamic, Sustainable, and Regenerative Farming for the 21st Century

What is a biodynamic, sustainable, regenerative farm?

A biodynamic ecosystem is diversified and balanced, generating health and fertility from within itself, and regenerates the local microclimate with increased vitality and habitat viability. Sustainable practices fulfill the needs of the current generation while ensuring continued production for future generations, sometimes referred to as the “seven generations plan.”

A farm embracing these tenets is healthy and financially stable.

The complete vision of Wind’s Four Quarters Farm is more than can be expressed on a simple webpage. I’ve written a paper that describes, in detail, how the Farm will be operated, and how I intend to get from where I am now to the final product.

This paper gets touched up on a regular basis with changes. The current revision is targeted to a specific property that I am looking into purchasing.

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