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  • Pet BOB

    Pets are family, too, and shouldn’t be left behind or otherwise forgotten in our emergency preparedness and evacuation plans. (Part 1 of 6)

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  • Alternative Pillows

    Poly-fill pillows are a hazard for those with estrogen dominance. I researched alternatives and made my own wool pillow.

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  • Tundra Swan Migration

    Tundra Swan Migration

    Today was a day for doing something I love to do, but haven’t done in ages: bird watching!

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  • New Toys

    New Toys

    Indoor/outdoor wireless thermometers have come a long way since the last time I bought one.

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  • Hops Farm in the Works

    Hops Farm in the Works

    Through some negotiation and a fortuitous set of circumstances, I have committed to taking over a small hops farm. It’s not something I ever thought I’d do, but it’s an exciting step forward for the Farm!

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  • Civic Duty

    Some thoughts on Americans’ civic duty to vote, not for the people and things they like, but for those that are best for their society.

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  • Darn it!

    Repairing clothing is oft-ignored option. Learning how to darn torn clothing is simple and helps your favorite clothing last longer.

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  • End of the Market Season

    End of the Market Season

    Some thoughts on the end of an absolutely amazing Market season.

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  • Necessity…

    …is the mother of invention. New, sturdier microgreens trays require a new transport and display system.

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  • Microgreens for Your Critters

    Microgreens aren’t just for people. Pets love them, too!

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